Amanda Payne's New Client Survey
I look forward to meeting you at our upcoming appointment!. Below are a few questions that would give me some basic information on your haircut and care needs. I like to send out to all first time clients to create a basic approach to the appointment so I can take notes! Any pictures of your current hair, or desired hair ideas are welcome.
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Name *
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Phone number
When was the date of your last haircut? *
Was your last hair cut done with a dry cut approached in the curl -by-curl technique? *
What are your basic goals with your cut? (ex. more length, shape change, dramatic cut, etc.) *
What hair care products are your currently using and what is your daily hair care routine (Ex. How many times a week do you cleanse, condition? etc.) *
Do you always wear your hair in it's natural state? (EX. Do you wash-and-go, blowout/flat iron, protective styling etc.?) *
Do you have any questions or concerns for me? If "yes", please list.
Please email & share photos of your current hairstyle and desired style.
Please email photos to
As a reminder please come to your appointment with your hair dry and down in it's natural state(make sure it hasn't been pulled back) Products are fine as long as I am able to work through the hair dry.
"A referral is the best compliment I can receive! As of May 1st my new referral policy offers you a free product of your choice (20 or less) for any client you send my way"
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