Forward Pinellas - U.S. 19 Corridor Comment Card
Below is an electronic version of the comment card that was distributed at the May 29, 2018 U.S. 19 meeting in Palm Harbor. If you attended the meeting and didn't receive a comment card, or if you have thoughts about U.S. 19 in general, please fill out the survey below.
Your Email (optional)
Please choose your top three priorities from the following for the U.S. 19 corridor.
Land Use /Economic Development
What sections of US 19 are you most concerned with (choose one or multiple):
Along the areas of US 19 that you chose, what amounts of the following types of land use would you like to see?
Stay the same
Single-family homes
Office Space
Multi-family (apartments, condos, townhomes)
Clear selection
Are there any other types of land use you would like to see along U.S. 19?
Rate the importance of these strategies to the growth and development of the US 19 corridor from 1-5 (5 being highest)
Encourage development that provides high wage job opportunities
Provide and/or encourage a better range of housing options in terms of type and cost/rent
Provide and/or encourage more walkable development features (e.g., shaded parking areas, parking located to side or rear of building, sidewalk connections to adjacent properties)
Provide and/or encourage more diversity of land use types (e.g., commercial, industrial, residential, etc.)
Provide and/or encourage land development that has attractive and environmentally friendly landscape and building design features
Concentrate larger scale mixed use projects (e.g., residential/retail, retail/office) at major intersections
Provide enhanced wayfinding and directional signs to major destinations on or proximate to the corridor (e.g., Westfield Countryside Mall, Spectrum Field, Ruth Eckerd Hall)
Clear selection
Express Bus Concept
Rate the following projects from 1-5 (5 being best) based on the information presented at the workshop/on the website
North County Express Bus Concept (28 miles from Holliday/Pasco County to the Gateway area)
South County Express Bus Concept #1 (18 miles from from South Pinellas to the Gateway area, including downtown St. Petersburg)
South County Express Bus Concept #2 (17 miles from South Pinellas to the Gateway area, not including downtown St. Petersburg)
Clear selection
Additional comments on Express Bus
Any additional comments related to U.S. 19 as a whole
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