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Jalan Pasar Modern Paramount,
Ruko Paramount DotCom Blok B, No.20,
Gading Serpong, Banten,
Indonesia 15810



Our vision is to cultivate a lifelong love of learning in our children and inspire them to realize their full potential while enjoying life’s journey and positively contributing to the world around them.

Guided by the Montessori philosophy, our mission is to provide a caring school community that nurtures every child's natural curiosity for learning and supports full development of academic, social, artistic, physical and life skills.

Classes Available

SD - Open for enrollment now, limited space 2016/17. (6-12 years old)

SMP - Open for enrollment now, very limited space 2016/17. (12-16 years old)

SMA - Open for enrollment now, very limited space 2016/17. (16-18 years old)


Big Picture Montessori - Our current location is Jalan Boulevard Gading Serpong Kompleks Ruko Paramount Dot Com Blok Orange No.20. Our faculty is dedicated to fostering a passion for learning. Both the Lower (1st-3rd Grade) and Upper (4th-6th Grade) elementary grades are distinguished by a grouping of children covering a three year learning cycle. This multi-aged learning environment stimulates the development of cultural literacy for each child. The focus in the Montessori classroom is to create a learning setting that is individual based and to challenge each child academically. Our goal is to create self confident, caring citizens of the world. Their intellectual, moral, physical, creative, artistic and musical development is equally important.

Dr. Maria Montessori developed the curricula and materials for the child to be exposed to all facets of learning. The reading and writing skills are a spring board into the deep, rich experience, which is known as the Montessori experiences for the child. These skills enable the child to gain access to the real focus and substance of a Montessori Education: Science, History, Politics, Peace Education, Economics, Botany, Zoology, Music and Art History. The Montessori tradition evolved out of the European tradition of academic excellence and offers and exciting, education for the children from 1st-6th grade.

The difference between the Lower and Upper Elementary Classes is a gradual growth experience toward project based learning. The children research topics in depth spanning several weeks and present their finding to their peers. The children utilize planner to organize their individual work load with respect to due dates for assignment. The goal is to lead the child into abstract learning across the curriculum. We inspire the children to learn how to think. Rather than present students with all the “right answers”, Montessori teachers ask the “right question” and challenge them to find new solutions or discover the answers on their own.

At CMS the children work together for many years and become a family and true community of learners, which each person is valued and given the ability to shine in all areas of their development. Admissions into the program is typically given to a family moving from a Montessori Environment or children moving up from within our school. We currently have limited space for SD, SMP and SMA.

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