The Requite Internship
The Requite is leading platform for writing articles, news reports, op-eds and stories covering some broad categories of social, political, environmental, economy, national and global development, with aim to remain people-centric with the intrinsic construct of providing untrammelled ambiance where one can test his/her biases, opinions and intellect against other, thereby, enhancing the collateral value for all.

In the light of above, The Requite welcomes you for coming and contributing to the ecumenical discourse which will be read, adapted and internalized by the millions of people. People are waiting for you to become the Coryphaeus/torchbearer of enlightened minds.

Internship Description:

Intern need to write one article, news reports, op-eds or stories in a week.
Article need to be plagiarism free.

Location: Work From Home

Duration: 4 weeks to 8 weeks

Stipend: Unpaid

On successful completion of Certificate will be provided.
Exemplary work can also commend for LOR and LinkedIn recommendation
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