Hawk Mountain Winter School Registration
Winter Ranger School 2019 - 16-17 February 2019
This page will guide you through the online registration for Hawk Mountain Winter Ranger School.

Introduction to Winter OPS - This is for students with little or no experience in cold weather operations or students who do not have the equipment and clothing for a cold weather environment. The training includes introduction to cold weather operations, clothing, equipment, first aid, basic survival, and much more! This is not a prerequisite for any of the other offered courses.

The Basic Course is a first year course where students can learn about navigation, winter search and rescue techniques, cold weather survival, mission scenarios, patient evacuation, camp site selection, and preparing for cold weather operations.

The Advanced Course is a second year course where students will continue their education and skills to properly function in a cold weather environment. You must complete the Basic course to attend.

The Special Advanced Course is an advanced course open to cadets and seniors to learn advanced search and rescue,
winter survival and team leader skills. You must complete The Advanced Course to attend.

The course fee is $10.00, which must be paid upon check in.

Due to the nature of the school, all students must be PHYSICAL CATEGORY 1 as defined by CAPP 52-18.

Please note: food and water are not provided nor available at the school; you are responsible you must bring your own food and water for yourself. See the packing list for details www.capranger.org.

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