2019 SQPC Coaching Application
Complete this form if you are organising coaching or an event (or series of events) and are seeking SQPC assistance with funding.

To be eligible for funding, the event must be advertised to SQPC members. Suggested methods are:
- SQPC Calendar and facebook page (will occur automatically with funding application)
- APF Calendar of events,
- Sending emails and flyers to all SQPC Sports DZ's
- APF email broadcast.
- Social media: Facebook, Twitter etc.
It should be clear to all SQPC members that the event is taking place.

After the SQPC receives your application it will be considered by members of the management committee and you will be notified of the outcome.

To organise payment you will need to complete an "Event Review" acquittal form after the event is completed. Your payment details will be requested and payment processed at this time.

If you are applying for SQPC funding we strongly advise you to also apply for additional funding from the APF Fiona McEachern Sport Development Fund "Fi Fund". Ask us for assistance or advice with this if you need it, or call the APF.

Here is the link for APF Funding:

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Simple details about your target market, coaching or event objectives and what you think the benefits to SQPC members may be
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