CPPHS Fall 2022 (MP1) Band Selection
Due by June 25th

Please take a look at our information brochure to help inform your decision.

Please note that this is for our records only and does not enroll your students in band first marking period.

Students can join one, or both of the fall marching bands.  Students can, alternatively, join the Fall Concert Band.  Students may not enroll in the Fall Concert Band and a marching band.  All courses are for credit.  Each student (with the possible exception of Band Front students) are enrolled into one of the 3 concert bands for marking period 2 and 3.  For the 4th marking period we have combined marching band and a concert band option.  If a student is interested in our band trips, they must be a member of a marching band.

Please visit www.cppbands.org for more information about boosters and extra-curricular options.

Dates of Importance:

Competition Band - July 7th, Information Night@6:30pm
                             - Weekly summer rehearsals (once or twice a week)
                             - August 1st-4th & 8th-14th, Band Camp
complete schedule: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=4shjtt8je44ofl65ep3vtmenks%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America%2FNew_York

Performance Band - August 22nd-26th Band Camp

If you have questions, please contact any or all of the band directors.

Mr. Donald Allen - 2021 Performance Band Director: dallen@cppasd.com
Mr. Brian Ellison - 2021 Fall Concert Band Director: bellison@cppasd.com
Mr. Joseph Stork - 2021 Competition Band Director: jstork@cppasd.com
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