Watsonville Young Eagle Pilots & Volunteers
The list developed by this questionnaire will be used to plan for the Watsonville 3 September 2016 Young Eagles Rally at the Wings Over Watsonville Fly-In. Also the pilot list here will be used for future notification of Young Eagle events at Watsonville. Unsubscription of the notification list will be easy, on request.
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Contact phone
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EAA Membership Number
EAA membership is required to fly Young Eagles, if unknown, please find out and provide later. Please provide your EAA membership number. This is NOT the old, unused, Young Eagles pilot number. Pilot requirements are at: https://www.eaa.org/en/eaa/aviation-education-and-resources/eaa-youth-education/eaa-young-eagles-program/eaa-young-eagles-volunteers/eaa-young-eagles-volunteer-opportunities/eaa-young-eagles-volunteer-pilots/eaa-young-eagles-pilot-requirements
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Have you completed the EAA Youth Protection Program (YPP) requirement?
All Young Eagle pilots are required to have YPP certification. It takes a total of 30 minutes to take the online course and to submit your info for a background check. Start at:http://www.eaa.org/en/eaa/aviation-education-and-resources/eaa-youth-education/youth-protection-policy-and-program
EAA Chapter Member
No Chapter Membership is required, if left blank Watsonville EAA Chapter 119 will take credit for your flights.
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Chapter type
EAA, IAC, Vintage, Warbird (Most are EAA)
Pilot Requirements *
In order to fly EAA Young Eagles, the following must be true. You must be FAA legal to fly passengers, be flying an airworthy aircraft certified to carry passengers, and have at least $100K in passenger liability insurance.
Likely aircraft to be flown
What are you likely to fly? (PA-28, C172, BE35, etc.)
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Likely number of passenger seats
How many passenger seats? (1, 2, 3, etc.)
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How likely are you to fly Young Eagles at the 3rd September 2016 rally? *
Assuming good weather and anticipated aircraft availability.
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