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Attuned [Att] is a cross-server NA PvX guild. Our niche is organizing world boss content including the more difficult encounters such as the Triple Trouble Wurm and the Chak Gerent as well as speed clearing normal world bosses. Even though we have an online presence throughout most of the day, it is important to note that our events, particularly Triple Trouble Wurm and Chak Gerent, are usually held shortly after daily reset time (00:00 GMT).

Ensure that you've read the About Us and Rules sections before creating an application. Continuing with the application implies your understanding and willingness to comply to all of the listed rules.

You can read the rules at

If you are unable to attend our events, which usually happens shortly after reset (00:00 GMT), please reconsider your application.

If you are a former member reapplying, please fill out the application in full.

Try to put in as much detail as you can (without bloat); this will improve your chances of being accepted. Single-sentence applications are looked on unfavorably!

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5. Attuned hosts events on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. What days are you available? *
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