Growers Guide Knowledge Quiz
Email address *
Trees should be planted in areas: *
Holes should be dug with which equipment: *
Land preparation includes using residual, broad spectrum herbicides. *
Land preparation includes (mark all correct statements): *
A completed soil tests for my land is only a recommendation before planting and not entirely necessary. *
Trees should be delivered to the address where they will be planted and not my personal address *
Upon receiving my trees, I need to: *
If I cannot plant my trees after the hardening period due to bad weather I should contact a Farmer Success team member as soon as possible. *
Trees should NOT be planted near power lines and should be accessible by road. *
Weed mats should be placed: *
Fertilizer for these trees: *
I need to water the trees upon planting. *
Watering these trees: *
Water crystals mean I don’t have to water the trees again after planting *
Water crystals:
The grower’s guide is just a set of recommendations. I have planted things before and know what I am doing. *
When managing weeds: (click all that apply): *
Grazing cattle and other large ruminant animals after planting is recommended in the grower’s guide. *
I am required to return the pre-planting checklist to a Farmer Success team member before receiving my trees. *
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