Data collection
If you’d like to share your experience with constructs such as “native speaker/signer” in academic spaces, please provide as much information as you can/want. The form is anonymous, but you may de-anonymize yourself if you would like.

Some forms of such experiences can be but are not limited to: -Being asked to provide a monolingual control group without any theoretical orientation
-Being asked to edit your document by a "native speaker/signer"
-Being asked to provide proof of proficiency in any given language during an application process despite having identified yourself as a member of that language community (e.g., being asked to take the TOEFL test despite speaking English as one your first languages)

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If you have ever received a comment regarding your language use in your academic work, could you please share with us what those comments were? We invite you to be as informative as possible.
What was the context in which you received this comment?
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