Volunteer Registration ボランティア募集
AnimeGO! Japan Pop Culture Festival Volunteer Registration

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for AnimeGO! Japan Pop Culture Festival.

AnimeGO! ジャパンポップカルチャーフェスティバルボランティア登録

★ Age
Our volunteers are of all ages from all backgrounds. Everyone is welcome to apply and no experience is necessary! Please note that the minimum age for volunteers is 16. Volunteers under the age of 18 require parental or guardian consent - JAFA will contact you to organise this.

★ Volunteer Information Session
A compulsory Information Session for all volunteers will be held on Saturday 7 November 2020 and will run for approximately one hour. At the session you will learn more about JAFA and the event, as well as procedures for the day. You will then meet your team mates and area manager.

★ One registration form per person
Please note that for families or groups of friends who wish to volunteer together, a separate form must be filled in for each individual.

★Volunteer managers available for this year
This year we are going to set up to 5 volunteer managers who can use initiative when required, think on their feet, keep calm under pressure and problem solve effectively; Can communicate efficiently with their team, other Volunteer Managers, AnimeGO! subcommittee and patrons;Can manage and train a group. Successful applicant for volunteer managers will receive an email for confirmation of volunteer manager. We will review for your applications and choose the manager out as we only have limited role.
Unsuccessful applicant will transfer to general volunteer, We apologise for any inconvenience it may have caused, and thank you for understanding.

Minimum age for volunteer manager is 18.

★ 年齢

★ ボランティア対象の説明会
説明会は11月7日(土)約1時間行われます。この説明会では、JAFAと「アニメゴー ジャパンポップカルチャーフェスティバル」について、そしてお祭当日の行程を説明します。また、チームメイトとマネジャーに会うこともできます。ボランティア対象の説明会への参加は必須となります。

★ ボランティア登録は一人ずつ
家族や友達と同じチームで一緒にボランティアをしたい方でも、一人1回Registration Formを提出してください。

Important Dates
★ Friday 2 October, 2020 , 23:59 - Volunteer Manager registrations close
★ Friday 2 October, 2020 , 23:59 (extended till Friday 30 October) - Volunteer registrations close
★ Saturday 7 November 2020 - Volunteer Information Session at Cowandilla Primary School
★ Friday 20 November 2020 - Festival set-up at Queen's Theatre*
★ Saturday 21 November 2020 9:00am-5:00pm - AnimeGO! event day#
★ Sunday 22 November 2020 - Festival pick up at Queen's Theatre*
★ TBC - Volunteer Thank You Party at Cowandilla Primary School

* Attendance at the set-up on Saturday 20 November is optional, however your assistance is greatly appreciated!

We will not accept registrations after the deadline.

Please join us for a free 'Thank You Party' for all volunteers after the event.

★ 10月2日(金)23:59 ボランティアマネージャー登録締め切り
★ 10月2日(金)23:59 ボランティアマネージャー登録締め切り
★ 11月7日(土) ボランティア説明会 場所:Cowandilla Primary School
★ 11月20日(金)事前準備 場所:Queen's Theatre
★ 11月21日(土)アニメゴー ジャパン フェスティバル 場所:Queen's Theatre
★ 11月22日(日)片付け 場所:Queen's Theatre
★ 確認予定 ボランティア Thank You Party

Thank You Partyの参加は無料です。

Please note that the minimum age for volunteers is 16. Volunteers under 18 must have parental or guardian consent - JAFA will contact you to organise this. ボランティアの対象年齢は16歳以上となっております。18歳以下のボランティア希望者は、保護者の同意が必要となります。JAFAの方からご連絡いたします。

To register as a volunteer, please complete your details below and JAFA will be in touch with you soon. If you have any queries, please e-mail hayden.tang@animego.com.au

質問がありましたらhayden.tang@animego.com.au へご連絡ください。
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