Wolftrap ES Rising 4th Grade Strings Registration 2019-2020 (Due 5/24)
I am happy to welcome you to the Strings program at Wolftrap Elementary School! The following form is immensely helpful to me in gathering information and data so I can make the best choices for classes in the Fall.
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Please wait to rent until the beginning of the school year when I/a music store can accurately size your child. Many students grow quite a lot during summer months and this can change their size selection of instrument, especially if they are on the border between two sizes. I STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST purchasing an instrument because they will not stay at their size forever. It is very unlikely that a student will be a full size at the beginning of the year, and playing on an instrument that is too large can cause pain, sometimes permanently. If you are desperately seeking information regarding stores to rent from, I am happy to provide further information by email request. **If your student qualifies for free or reduced lunch, they have the option of renting through the FCPS Instruments For All program. If you wish to take advantage of this program, please indicate this below. (Instrument choices are limited to violin/viola.)
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Parents and students understand that Strings is a year-long commitment and signing up to participate will last for the ENTIRE 4th grade school year. *
There will likely be a time during the year when a student becomes frustrated with the material they are learning. This is completely normal, and I ask that parents assist me in encouraging students to power through this stage. I am always able to help if you reach out to me. More than anything, I want to help students through the hard spots so they can gain accomplishment through perseverance rather than quitting.
Would you be interested in a Strings Parent Info Night when school starts to help you understand more about the instrument your student has chosen as well as strings expectations? *
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to put them here and I will email responses to the email(s) you have provided.
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