Apply to be a Project Assistant for the Community/Journalist Exchange (CJE)
Project Assistant for the Community/Journalist Exchange (CJE)
A project of the Media, Inequality & Change Center (MIC) and Media Mobilizing Project (MMP)

The CJE is collaborative news and community advocate series in the run-up to the 2019 municipal elections. Local elections are a moment when people from across the city engage with the most pressing local issues, from public education to criminal justice, housing, gentrification, and poverty. The CJE will seize on the energy around the local elections to create a series of dialogues or encounters between Philadelphia’s leading journalists and Philadelphia’s leading public advocates.

The exchanges will culminate with a City Council forum that is planned by a team of the journalists and community advocates involved in the exchange and organized around the issues discussed in the previous dialogues. The project aims to: 1. Create a consistent exchange between community advocates and journalists 2. Follow-up these exchanges with reporting and editorial writing on pressing issues from diverse perspectives. 3. Develop relationships and a network that bridges the divide between community advocates and journalists and 4. Begin to develop best practices for long-term engagement between these two communities for Philadelphia and beyond.

The CJE plans on holding 3-4 forums in addition to the main forum, and possible topics include:
1. Public education
2. Housing
3. Poverty/work
4. Criminal justice
5. Climate change & environmental justice
6. Health and harm reduction

We are looking for a project assistant who will work with MIC and MMP (based at MMP) to work across all organizational aspects of this project, including:

- Helping to conceptualize the forums and conduct outreach among community advocacy groups
- Collaborating on the forum agendas with various stakeholders
- Outreach and liaising with local journalists
- Establish social media and web presence for events
- Outreach, marketing, and promotion (both digital promo and using other analog methods) of the events themselves; handling rsvps
- Assistance with event planning, with any set-up/take-down, catering orders, and attendance at the events
- Helping to administer post-event questionnaires in furtherance of the project’s internal evaluation

- Strong event planning experience
- Strong attention to details, highly organized
- Good oral and writing skills, Microsoft office literate
- Able to establish relationships and partnerships, good networking ability
- Relationships with community groups working in the forum topics a plus
- Nimble, creative, problem solver, ability to think on feet and come up with ad-hoc solutions
- Familiarity with the possible forum topics
- Ability to conduct outreach and recruitment to drive up attendance at forums

Term: Mid-February to Mid-May (approximately 3 months), 15-25 hours a week, $20/hr. Contracted
Please apply by Feb 1st, 2019

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