Social Framing: The Power of Language
How are social constructions like gender, race, and class reinforced through language? What psychological impact do certain words hold in society and in turn have an effect on an individual's actions? What role does language play in preserving power for a select group of people? How is language used to desensitise us from inequalities?

By starting to interrogate the use of language through various social institutions (educational, political, economic, family and religious) and media outlets, there then leaves space to analyse how the normalities of the use of language as an oppressive tool are intrinsically present through everyday instances.

This Terms of Reference will aim to explore and shed light on the different ways in which language contributes to real-life power disparities from the evolvement through etymology of certain words to how language functions through various social institutions. It will also address how it can be used in various ways to challenge some of the injustices that are embedded in everyday communication. It will address the different symbolisms of language through mainstream culture and the various ways that individuals and groups use communication to empower and call claims to justice . The work will include - but it is not limited to - the following topics:

Representations of certain words
Exploring sayings
Language and ideology
Exploring language through culture
Power disparities through language
Harmful uses of epithets
Integration of colour and language association to good/evil
Emotions connected to language
Racial, gender and class profiling/stereotypes
Accessibility of institutional use of language
Social construction of language use

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