Downtown DeWitt Future Development Survey
The DeWitt Downtown Development Authority and the City of DeWitt are seeking input from the community in the redevelopment of the vacant parcel at the southwest corner of Bridge St. and Main St. This survey is one part of a multifaceted process to determine the desires of the community. Please, tell us what you think!
If you could change anything about downtown DeWitt, what would it be?
Your answer
What would make you visit downtown DeWitt more often?
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How many times per month do you visit downtown DeWitt?
What type of business would you like to see in downtown DeWitt?
What types of leisure/entertainment services would you patronize in downtown DeWitt?
What types of retail establishments would you patronize in downtown DeWitt?
What are the advantages of patronizing downtown DeWitt?
What are the disadvantages of patronizing downtown DeWitt?
Do you have a home business?
If you have a home business, would you be interested in a shared office space/incubator facility in downtown DeWitt?
What is your zip code?
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