Volunteer/Intern Information
We frequently get asked about any volunteer or internship opportunities with Isla Mar. We always keep track of your names and emails, but we have decided to make it a little more detailed to gather your information so that we have a better understanding of your skillset and interests in case an opportunity arises.

Please provide your information below so that we have a more detailed record. If opportunities arise, we can then reach out to you directly. Thanks!
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Degree (Earned or Pursuing), Major *
Languages Spoken/Written *
Please describe your skills as a list (For Example: Open Water Scuba Certified, DNA Extraction & Lab Protocols, Belt Transects, Underwater Photography, Science Communication, Grant Writing, etc...). Please only list skills for which you are HIGHLY PROFICIENT. List skills for which you could competently conduct without supervision or with limited direction. Write N/A if you are a new student without any applicable skills at this time (this is ok!). *
What are you interested in gaining from the experience (Select the TOP 3 choices that matter most to you!) *
Could you provide for your own housing, food and transport during your internship/volunteer time? *
Would you need to find paid work while in Puerto Rico/Rincon? *
When are you generally available? *
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