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Panelist Reimbursement Policy

Hello potential panelists! You will receive free admission to Kantaicon for any panels accepted onto the schedule.

Regardless of how many people run an hour of panels/events, the leader of the group will get the credit and the leader can distribute the discount as they see fit. We understand that some special events require lots of help, so in some cases we can negotiate for further compensation.

Panels with a military theme will be given preference.

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How long will your panel/event last? Please factor in 15 min for setup time when making your choice.
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The ages of the intended audience of your panel or event.
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Times(s) that you would like your panel or event to take place. You may check multiple times if you would like the panel to take place in the Morning OR Evening.
Tech requirements:
Even if it’s a cable we need to know. We won’t be held liable if you ask us for something five minutes before your panel and we can’t provide it!
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Schedule conflicts:
Are you (or additional panelists) in another panel or event? Are you entering the cosplay events? Is there another event that you don't want to miss? Let us know!
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