MPWRD Junior Catalyst
Be a force for growth within the sport of Disc Golf by Empowering those around you! MPWRD Junior Catalysts will be role models for those looking to get into disc golf. We strongly believe that in order to be able to imagine ourselves as disc golfers we need more examples of girls and women in media who look like us playing the sport. We are seeking Junior disc golfers who are excited and passionate about sharing their love for disc golf with others around them. If you are interested in making an impact in this Male Dominated sport become an MPWRD Junior Catalyst! Apply now! Become part of a Brand Driven by Driven Women.

Applications will be live until October 31!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!

Benefits for each Junior Catalyst Includes:
-$100 Decal/Stencil Event or League Sponsorship
-30% Decal/ Stencil/ Iron-On Discount
-15% MPWRD Apparel Discount

MPWRD Catalyst GENERAL Responsibilities:
-Excited to Empower those around you!
-Wear Empowered Disc Golf brand during disc golf events.
-Include #Empowereddiscgolf, #discgolf, @Empowereddiscgolf on disc golf related Social Media posts.

Please fill out this form once you have decided you'd like to become a part of our Catalyst Crew!
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