walkWestside Survey
Please complete if you live, study, or work in the area shown below. walkWestside is interested in your feedback on the walking facilities within the Westside of San Antonio. Please choose the answer that best applies to you and your neighborhood. Both local and within walking distance means within a 20-minute walk from your home/work/school. We will use the information to inform our strategies for improving walking on the Westside.
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Map of walkWestside’s target area:
1. What is your home, school or work address (or cross streets)? *
2. Zip code? *
3. What is your age? *
4. Race/Ethnicity *
5. It is easy to walk in my neighborhood *
6. Stores where I shop are within easy walking distance of my home/work/schools. *
7. There are many places to go within walking distance of my home/work/school (stores, church, parks, school, library, doctor, etc). *
8.The sidewalks that I utilize near my home/work/school are well maintained (paved, even, and not a lot of cracks). *
9. If there were more walking paths near me, I would use them *
10. I would like to see better sidewalks in the Westside. *
11. Lack of lighting is a big reason that I do not walk. *
12. It is easy to cross the streets where I walk. *
13. Drivers behave well and watch out for people walking. *
14. I walk near my home/work or in the surrounding neighborhood. *
15. I am interested in joining the walkWestside Coalition *
16. If yes, please provide your contact information (name, phone number, & email):
17. If Yes, please let us know which "work group" area you would like to work in.
18. Other Comments
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