TEC TEAM Application (Teen)
Welcome to the online TEAM member application for Teens Encounter Christ!

The application process for being on a TEC team who is under 18, and was on a previous TEC as a candidate. We will need permission from your parent(s), and they will need to complete "Attachment A." Your parents can complete everything on line; however, if they prefer to complete a paper application, please have them either mail it to the address below, or send it with you to a team meeting to give to your team's Board Advisor BY WEEK 4. Paper forms can be downloaded from the registration website. To help offset the cost of the weekend, we ask for $20 deposit or pay $75.00 that you can give to your board advisor.

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TEC TEAM your volunteering for *
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Should be an ACTIVE address used frequently. It will be your primary team communication channel. Please do not use Facebook or Twitter accounts
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Did you attend TEC in Bloomington? *
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Have you previously been on a Bloomington/Normal TEC Team? *
Parental Permission
The following information is needed to comunicate with your parents and provide them the electronic and printed forms needed to complete your application.
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Should be an ACTIVE address used frequently, Please do not use Facebook or Twitter accounts
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PARENTS / GUARDIANS MAILING ADDRESS [ ONLY if different from yours. ]
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Teen Team Members Commitment Statement
By saying yes to be on this team, I understand that the purpose of the nine (9) weeks of meetings before each TEC weekend is not so much a preparation process as it is one of formation. These nine weeks are a time for me to strive to form myself closer to the image of Christ. I do this by living the Paschal Mystery, dying to self; rising with Christ, and going forth in the Holy Spirit. As members of a TEC team I am called to set my wants and needs aside; and allow Christ to become the center of my life and the TEC weekend.

As a team member during formation and on the weekend, I promise to conduct myself in accordance with the regulations on conduct as set forth by B/N TEC. I understand that B/N TEC, the Catholic Diocese of Peoria, its officers, agents, and/or employees reserve the right to terminate my participation in the B/N TEC for failure to behave and act in accordance with the regulations of conduct, for failure to follow instructions and directions of the adult leaders or chaperones, or for any of my acts of conduct that are deemed by B/N TEC, its officers, agents, or employees to be detrimental to or incompatible with the interest, harmony, comfort, or welfare of the activity as a whole.

I have read, understand and agree with the Commitment Statement above. *
By typing my initials below, representing my SIGNATURE, I am declaring that the information I have entered above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I further state that my parents are aware that I desire to be on this TEC Team and that they have agreed to complete the PARENTS PERMISSION FORM and ATTACHMENT A (again). I understand that I AM RESPONSIBLE for assuring that all portions of this application are completed and submitted.
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Where you can be reached if needed.
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Thank you for say YES to being on this TEAM!
If necessary, you may mail "paper applications" to:

Tod Williamson
c/o Bloomington/Normal TEC
Hudson, Illinois 61748

Whats Next?
Please, within the next 24 hours, HAVE ONE OF YOUR PARENTS open the "Permission and Waivers Form" to complete their portion of your application. (It is on the same page this form was on the registration website.)

Both parts of your application must be completed and submitted as soon as possible, but in all cases, before the TEC weekend. This includes your parent's portion. If you have any questions, please email or call me.

Tod Williamson
Registrar, BN TEC

This form is protected under copyright law and no changes, additions, or other use of this form is permitted without the express written consent of the Executive Committee, Bloomington/Normal Teens Encounter Christ (TEC).

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