Aamberdell Australian Labradoodles
Expression of Interest

This is an expression of interest for the purchase of an Aamberdell Australian Labradoodle puppy.

There is no right or wrong answer to the questions below, but these help us match the puppy's temperament to your situation and environment.

Our priority is ensuring that our puppies are placed into a safe, loving and appropriate home, so in the interest of your puppy, please be open in your responses.

The puppies are priced at $4,500. A $500 deposit is required. Puppies are sold as a pet puppy and an agreement  for the puppy to be desexed between 5 and 9 months of age will be part of the sale agreement.

"There are many things that are negotiable in life, but the homes our puppies go to is not one of them" -(unknown).

Aamberdell details:

eMail: labradoodles@aamberdell.com.au

Registered Queensland Breeder
Breeder Identification Number: 00032 2827897
GCCC Breeder: 802 7682
WALA: 0420-01290

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I understand that applications are for one litter only and are not held over for future litters if I am unsuccessful in this instance. *
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Number of people (and ages) who will share the house with the dog. *
How would you describe the energy levels in your home? This will allow us to match the temperament of the puppy to your environment. *
How many times a week are you willing to exercise your dog? *
Have you previously owned a dog in your adult life? Please give details. *
Do you have other pets? If so please list them. *
Are you currently working? Occupation? Partner's occupation? *
Full time, part time (hours?), work from home,  home duties, other - please specify *
How many hours per week will the puppy be left alone? Please note: When the puppy first comes to you, it cannot be left alone for long periods for at least the first two weeks as it will need to be fed and have company whilst it adjusts to the new environment. *
Does a family member have allergies or asthma? *
Do  you live in an apartment; unit; townhouse; house; acreage; other? *
Do you own or rent? If you rent, do you have approval to have a dog? *
What kind of yard and fencing do you have? *
Where will your dog spend most of his/her time? Inside; outside; other: please specify *
What plans do you have for your dog when you go away? *
Studies show that puppies who are exposed to a range of new and safe experiences before the age of 16 weeks become well adjusted adult dogs. Do you commit to providing your puppy with a varied range of safe social experiences? *
What do you intend to do regarding training for your puppy? *
If your circumstances change and you need to re-home the puppy, do you agree to contact us first so we can help find the right home? *
Do you understand that once a deposit has been paid, if you decide you are no longer interested in a puppy that the deposit is non-refundable? It may be transferred to another litter if there is availability. Deposits will be returned if we are unable to provide you with your preferences. *
All of our breeding dogs live with local families as their pet and become their forever pet once retired. If you are interested in becoming a guardian family, let me know and I can send further information about our program. You must live on/near the Gold Coast. *
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