Old North Canine Rescue Adoption Application
Please complete this form if you are truly interested in adopting a dog through Old North Canine Rescue. We require that all dogs be primarily indoor pets and to be considered part of your family. We will not adopt out one of our dogs to anyone intending to keep them outdoors. A fenced yard for exercise needs is preferred but not required depending on the needs of the individual dog. For medium to larger sized active pups and dogs, a fenced area or a yard is definitely going to be necessary. For other dogs that don't require as much activity, an apartment or an unfenced area might be ok. Our adoption fee is $150 for dogs over six months and $175 for puppies. This includes spay/neuter, deworming, heartworm testing, vaccinations and microchip.

The adoption process for ONCR dogs is as follows:

1) your application is received and reviewed (approx 3-5 days)
2) your references checked (please advise your references to return our call/email asap) (approx 2-3 days)
3) a home visit is conducted to meet the family and see where the dog will be living (depending on your location, 2-10 days)**
4) meet & greet with the dog (this can be done at same time as home visit)
5) all adoptions begin with a two week trial (the check for adoption fee not cashed until trial period is over)
adoption finalized! Happy Tails!

**Please note: We often receive several applications for each dog we have. This is especially true for puppies. Because we are an all volunteer group, not every application will be able to receive a home visit. If the application doesn’t indicate the family would be a good fit for that particular dog or puppy, one of our adoption coordinators will contact you to discuss other dogs that may be a better match. There are often applications from locations that we simply don’t have the time or resources to be able to conduct a home visit, especially quickly. If at all possible, we will do our very best. We try to have volunteers in areas within 2 hours of Burlington and Alamance County. With also work with other rescues that will sometimes do home visits for us. Thank you for your understanding.

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