Swamp Slayers
It stinks. It is awful. It is a bog of wet dirty socks and apocalypse darkness and weak coffee. You swear you hate it here. You promise that if you only could, you would leave it behind forever. But secretly—so secretly you cannot even admit it to yourself—you love it here. What are we talking about? Your Swamp, of course.

Every Beep!, real or imagined, is your one-way ticket to this hellworld you carved out in yourself. Despite your scrambling and clawing, despite your protests, your Swamp is comfortable—far more comfortable than the bright electric aliveness you might live if you refused to ever go there again.

Alice drinks the potion, she gets taller. You drink Swamp water, instantly you get dimmer.

It is by design that the Swamp enfeebles you.

If there were no danger of ever entering the Swamp, what would you do? What risks would you take? What Stands would you take?

Would you recognize yourself? Would anyone else recognize you? If they didn’t, would it matter?

What if the Swamp is just some weird meat-mask you wear to keep you from taking the actions your Being is dying to live?

The door out of the Swamp is located right behind you, just over your shoulder.

The problem is that you probably forgot that you created it, and you locked the door from the inside and left the key outside!

Nevertheless, there is another way out than through the door. Just like Hermione Granger in ‘The Philosopher's stone’ who named the vines she was stuck in, giving her the possibility to relax, keep breathing, and fall through the vines into the room below. So can you discover the name or names of your swamp, and find your secret exit door.

To do so, you must become a Swamp Slayer.

How do you become a Swamp Slayer?

Good question.

That is what we will be exploring together over these 8 weeks.


2nd August
9th August
16th August
---- 1 week off ----
30th September
6th September
13th September
20th September

Times: 20:30-23:00 CET | 12:30-15:00 MDX | 06:30-09:00 NZT (the following morning)

1. YELLOW TIER | Brazil / Turkey / Egypt | 125 - 175 EURO
2. BLUE TIER | Poland / Portugal / New Zealand | 175 - 250 EURO
3. RED TIER | Germany, France, USA, Canada, Australia | 280 - 400 EURO
4. NORTHERN TIER | Sweden, Norway, Denmark | 350 - 490 EURO

Devin Gleeson & Tristan Girdwood

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Love, Clarity & Possibility,
Tristan & Devin

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