Ganbatte Mini Con Cosplay Sign up!
Date: April 22, 2023
Duration: 11am (early entry) 12PM to 9PM is Official event start time
Address:   9600 W. Sportsman's Park South, Glendale, AZ 85305

All contestants must have a Ganbatte Mini Con badge to participate.
Realistic weapon/props are NOT allowed 

"Ganbatte" is not responsible for any damage or loss to a prop or costume brought on-site or on-stage.

Kids category is for all minors fourteen (14) and under. Entry is free for children 12 and under but the parent accompanying them must have a badge.

Skit/Cosplay show off - Top Prize Award $500

Performance/Skits may enter with purchased cosplays.

Groups may be up to six (6) people.

Participants may only enter once.

All solo entries are granted 60 seconds on stage. All entries with 2 or more participants are granted 2 minutes and 30 seconds of performance, and entries with 5 or more participants are granted 3 minutes of performance.

Costumes and content must be rated PG. Sexually explicit content is strictly off limits. All costumes must be beach legal, and skits should not include inappropriate language.

Jumping off stage will result in disqualification(for your own safety just don’t do it).

No pyrotechnics or any other sorts of open flame are allowed.

If your skit is accepted we will provide an email to send the audio file (.mp3 or .wav only please), no later than 4 days prior to the event. Keep in mind the audio file must not exceed stage time.

If your routine includes planned falls, costume changes, empty stage time please include this in your description.

Staff MUST be informed prior to your performance.

In the case of an unexpected interruption, you may restart your skit one time from the beginning.
We cannot provide staff to help set up any part of your performance, please have a handler (must have a badge) if needed for your performance.

Craftsmanship - Top Prize award $200
50% or more of your costume must be handcrafted.

All levels accepted- whether you’re an amateur or a master we’d love to see your best!

Entry for the Craftsmanship category requires at least two (2) progress pictures, these can be emailed at a later time (but no later than 4 days prior to the event) if you do not want to show printed pictures the day of.

You cannot enter the Craftsmanship category with a full purchased or rented cosplay.

We will reach out to you if you are accepted via email ONLY please look for email from
Please do not DM our Instagram account.

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