American Wildfire Experience Digital Storytelling Micro-Grant Application - Open to Canadian Firefighters!
Applications for our Canadian micro-grants are open from February 1, 2019 to February 15, 2019. This grant cycle is sponsored, in part, by WATERAX. Send questions to:
Digital Storytelling Micro-Grant Information
At The American Wildfire Experience, we define digital storytelling as the process of coupling personal stories with broader public issues (like wildland fire) by leveraging digital technology and media to showcase stories and the storytellers. We consider digital storytelling to be a process of community building and an integral part of educating the public about wildland fire.

Digital storytelling can take many shapes - such as a thoughtful series of photographs with creative captions posted on Instagram, a short video with interviews, fireline footage, and/or narration shot on your smartphone and shared on Vimeo, or a blog-post that showcases writing and artwork from the fireline. These are just a few examples of digital storytelling that wildland firefighters are creating every season - we are open to all storytelling concepts and proposals. Put simply, at The American Wildfire Experience, we want to encourage and promote quality wildland fire storytelling that helps influence public perceptions about wildland fire and shines a light on our human experience with fire.

We are excited to be offering one three (3) micro-grants in our videography and photography categories to Canadian wildland firefighters for the 2019 fire season - at US $500.00 apiece. It is our hope that these grants will encourage thoughtful wildland fire storytelling by active content creators on social media, improve the production value of our grantee’s creative works by providing digital storytelling equipment/tools, and will begin to build a cadre of wildland firefighters developing engaging content well aligned with AWE’s mission. We are excited that you are interested in applying and look forward to reviewing your proposal!

If you would like your application to be considered in more than one focus area, your project proposal must support content development in each area you'd like to be considered. It's important to note, however, that individuals are only eligible to receive one grant.

Our grants are open to individuals who work in the wildland fire industry in Canada. We welcome applicants from all levels, organizations, and positions.

Applicant Information
Please provide your contact information and identify to which grant you're applying. Limit one application per person. Thank you!
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How are you involved in wildland fire and what kind of storytelling have you been doing along the way?
We are excited to support digital content creators from all aspects of the wildland fire industry. We would like to know a little bit about who you are, how you've been sharing your story, and what your creative approach looks like. Don't be shy - these grants are for wildland firefighters from all walks of life and at all levels!
Tell us about yourself - your position, crew/employer, next step - let us know what you'll be doing during the 2019 season! *
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Please provide links to a few examples of your work (e.g., fireline photographs, a short video you put together of your last season, a piece of writing you wrote during a tough assignment, etc. All types of submissions are welcomed. (You MUST supply examples of previous work, either here or via email).
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Links to your Instagram/Facebook/YouTube/Vimeo account, blogs, or portfolios can be used as examples (make sure your permissions are set for public viewing). If you would prefer to send your work via email, please send to: after submitting your application.
What is your proposal/vision for your digital storytelling project?
Our digital storytelling grants are intended to help wildland fire content creators/creatives share their experience with the broader public. Your project proposal should outline how you would like to use photography, video, or writing to share your story and/or the story of wildland fire throughout the 2019 season.

You might propose to create a series of profile/headshots of fellow crew members during mop-up (to showcase the camaraderie of a fire crew), a time-lapse video of landscape regeneration after an early-spring prescribed fire (to generate discussion about the role of fire in the environment), a three-part blog post on a specific wildland fire policy issue (to help educate people on fire management), or a compilation of fire season poetry (to illustrate firefighters' intimate connection to nature), or.... The possibilities are endless.

Be sure to tell us what you propose to create and what you hope to convey through your digital storytelling.

Describe in detail your vision for your wildland fire digital storytelling project. Please be specific.
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What are your project goals? What are you hoping to convey through your work?
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Grant Deliverables and Budget
Please describe how you will use this award and what digital products you will create during the grant cycle.

This grant requires that a minimum of fifty-percent of your budget be allocated towards purchasing tools, equipment, or software that support your storytelling efforts. Your budget should delineate what you will be purchasing (and the expected cost) and how the remaining portion of the funds will be used. If your budget proposal exceeds $500.00, please indicate how the remaining portion will be funded.

Grant winners will be required to commit to producing a set amount of content throughout the grant period, to which AWE and grant sponsors will have permission to share on social media (with credit, of course). Grant winners will be encouraged to use the #lifeonethefireline, #americanwildfireexperience, #thesmokeygeneration, #builtforthemission, and #waterax (or other) hashtags during the 2019 fire season.

Please outline your total budget for this award. It is required to supply a budget, either here or via email.
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If you prefer, you may email a copy of your budget instead, to:
What digital products will you create as part of your efforts (e.g., please quantify what you will produce as part of this grant). For example, "I will produce a series containing seven fireline photographs." "I will produce one 5-minute video of XYZ." "I will produce two blog posts."
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Applicant Agreement
By submitting this application, you understand that no funds will be awarded to expenses incurred prior to written approval of the grant award from The American Wildfire Experience.

You agree that to the best of your knowledge, the information contained in this application is true and correct and that you retain all copyright to the material submitted as part of this application.

Submitting this application does not guarantee award. Grant winners will be notified no later than March 15, 2019.

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