Pilot to improve medicines safety and reduce waste
NHS Southport and Formby Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS South Sefton CCG are launching a new pilot scheme on 1 September 2016 as part of their medicines waste campaign that will greatly improve patient safety as well as cutting the high cost of unused medication in the borough.

The pilot will stop pharmacies from being able to order repeat prescriptions from 19 GP practices on behalf of patients. It will improve medicines safety and reduce the cost of wasted medications, estimated to cost the local NHS at least £2 million each year.

It does not affect anyone who already orders their own repeat prescriptions directly from their practices and importantly, special arrangements will be made for vulnerable patients, who are not able to order their own prescriptions directly from their GP practice.

Before completing this survey, we would ask you to read about the pilot on our website and take a look at the supporting materials.

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