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The Shawnte S. Jones Giving Scholarship is in honor of Clauvenda Fenwick's late sister. The Scholarship is a way for her family to reach back and help other women, by connecting them with liked minded people who can guide and mentor them in the right direction. The goal is to get new entrepreneurs in the room to hear and learn from others that can educate and encourage them on their journey to pursue their passion.

In 150 words or less. Tell us about your passion, how you define your why and how receiving this scholarship to be in the room during the 2020 Sweatpants and Chill Retreat to focus on your Mind, Body and Business will change your life. You may nominate someone else as well. Submissions are due 9/15/2020.

Check out the Sweatpants and Chill Retreat Virtual Experience at www.LBinnovations.Events/join-us
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