Are You Ready For A Miniature American Shepherd Puppy?
If you have made the important decision to welcome a Miniature American Shepherd into your home please read the following first.

Are You Ready?

Before selecting a puppy please understand that this is a commitment for LIFE! We realize that you may have certain physical characteristics that you desire in your new puppy (color, eye color, sex etc... ), but we ask you to also try to be as color blind as you possibly can while you search for your new companion. The old wise saying "beauty is only skin deep" does also apply to your pet. We would love to further discuss the personalities of each puppy with you to help you select the best match possible.

I fully understand that this is a puppy and I am aware that puppies do like to chew, chase, cry, whine, potty unexpectedly at times, dig, & ETC....... I am commited to providing my puppy with training, entertainment, and exercise.

I understand that this breed is a herding breed, they are not similar to labs, retreivers, or any other breed group. They often times outsmart or outwitt their owners in many ways. They may try to herd other pets as well as their family members and these are instincts that are standard to this breed and other breeds within the herding group. You must teach them from a young age not to nip or chase as the excitment of a new home and environment can sometimes draw these behaviors out. I agree to seek out a qualified individual if needed that has working knowledge and experience in working with herding breeds.

I agree that is my responsibility to properly socialize my puppy from a young age upon their arrival. A puppy that is not properly socialized after their arrival to their new home can become guardy and be very reserved around strangers.

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