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Terms and Conditions
1. The purpose of the “ASIS SG ChatGroup” is to provide Announcement, Intelligence, Alerts & Updates postings to its registered members (“Members”).

2. Member refers to any ASIS International (Singapore Chapter) (“Chapter”) member who has duly paid his/her SGD100 local paid-up membership for the year and invited to join the ChatGroup.

3. The “ASIS SG ChatGroup” does not replace any existing communication channels (e.g. email, website); instead it supplements them.

4. The “ASIS SG ChatGroup” is neither a discussion forum nor feedback channel.

5. While any member may ask/share topics on ASIS events or security matters, everyone should be mindful not to spam the chatgroup. The Administrator(s) may moderate the postings and direct the discussion to other channels.

6. Intelligence/Information is strictly shared among the members within the ChatGroup for personal use, and must not be screen captured and/or copied in whole or part using whatever means for distribution to non-Member without the prior approval of the Administrator. In sharing any approved materials for distribution, members must exercise care not to disclose the identity and contact number of its Member to a non-Member.

7. Member understands and accepts that by joining this ChatGroup, his/her name and contact number will be made known to other members in the group. In doing so, the Chapter desires to build a platform to encourage its members to network with one another. However, member agrees that the Chapter shall not be held responsible for any unsolicited messages that are sent/forwarded by other members.

8. The Administrator(s) reserves the right to remove any member who does not comply with the terms & conditions or breaches the “house rules” without notice. In administrating the ChatGroup, and while acting in good faith, the Administrator (s) shall not be held responsible or liable from any act arising therewith that are beyond his/her control.

9. DOs:
a. Announcement, Intelligence, Alerts & Updates posting
b. Posting between 0700-2300hr (Unless urgent announcement)
c. Check for updates regularly
d. Private message the administrators if unsure of the rules

10. DONT’s:
a. No posting and/or re-forwarding of unrelated subject
b. No posting of sex, politics, religion & jokes
c. No small talk, negative comments & spams
d. No need to reply/acknowledge
e. No soliciting of business
f. No spreading of fake news
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