HOBY Oregon 2020 Leadership Seminar Staff Application
June 12th-14th, 2020!

There are 4 Main Volunteer Positions at HOBY Oregon! Descriptions are as follows:
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Senior Facilitator (SF)
- Must be 21 years old on or before June 11th, 2020
- A SF is paired with a Junior Facilitator (18+) to facilitate a group of 6-10 high school sophomore ambassadors throughout the seminar. This includes small group activities, leading discussions, and taking part in larger seminar programs.
Junior Facilitator (JF)
- Must be 18 years old on or before June 11th, 2020
- A JF is paired with a Senior Facilitator (21+) to facilitate a group of high school sophomore ambassadors throughout the seminar. This includes small group activities, leading discussions, and taking part in larger seminar programs.
Team Alumni (TA)
- TA's are typically recent alumni of HOBY!
-Team Alumni leads cheers and Ice-breakers for the ambassadors throughout the seminar
- TAs keep the energy alive!
- Assists the Operations team in set-up and take-down of activities
- Is a crucial part of making HOBY happen
Team Media
- A branch of Team Alumni that works specifically on social media projects before and during the seminar, along with photography and videography for the closing ceremony slideshow.
- Tasks include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, pre-seminar Staff-Spotlights, and photographer/videographer.
- A very important role for documenting HOBY to share with friends and family!
Lets Get to Know You!
Full Name *
Preferred Gender Pronouns *
If you want more information on this question, please visit: https://uwm.edu/lgbtrc/support/gender-pronouns/
Email Address *
Phone Number *
Date of Birth *
Your Age During Seminar *
T-Shirt Size *
Occupation (Student, employment, etc. Used for consideration in panels at the seminar)
HOBY Alumni Year *
(or N/A if not applicable)
What progress have you made towards 100 Leadership For Service (L4S) Hours since the 2020 Leadership Seminar? *
Have you recruited an ambassador from your high school for the 2020 seminar? *
Have you filled out a National Volunteer Application of the 2020 HOBY Oregon Leadership Seminar? *
In addition to this application, you are required to fill out a National Volunteer Application at: https://reg.hoby.org/HOBYVolunteerApplication/ for the 2020 seminar. You must fill this form out each year you wish to volunteer for HOBY Oregon (this application takes less than 5 minutes).
Participation Agreements
Please agree to each of the following statements. It is very important you read each statement before agreeing.
I understand that I cannot leave during the seminar for any reason, including, but not limited to, ACT/SAT tests. Once I check in on Thursday, I will NOT leave until the completion of the seminar on Sunday. *
I understand that I am encouraged to complete and record at least 100 hours of volunteer service into HOBY Leadership for Service (L4S) prior to the 2020 leadership seminar *
I will be available to attend HOBY Oregon Leadership Seminar at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, beginning at 2:00pm on Thursday, June 11th, 2020 until the end of the day (approximately 6:00pm) on Sunday, June 14th, 2020. *
I commit to checking the e-mail I listed above at least once a week between the day I submit my application and the start of the seminar. *
I will attend the HOBY Oregon Staff Virtual Training. Date and time to be determined. *
I will complete and submit Pre-Seminar Packet once it is emailed to me The Pre-Seminar Packet includes information about any dietary and accessibility needs, medical information (i.e. allergies, medications, emergency contact information, etc), the HOBY Code of Conduct, etc. *
Give-or-Get Challenge
Give-or-Get Point System

To volunteer with HOBY Oregon, we need all the support we can get! There are a few key things needed to keep HOBY Oregon up and running, and one of the most important is YOU!

To volunteer with us for the 2020 seminar, we are asking that volunteers complete 5 tasks worth 1 point each! This can be done a number of ways!

Fundraise and donate $50, cash, check, or grocery store gift card donation= 1 Point
Call in to 1 Seminar Planning Meeting with the Operations Team = 1 Point
Call 5 schools to get in touch with counselors about sending students! = 1 Point
Log 100 hours of volunteer service in your Leadership 4 Service account = 1 Point
Ensure that 1 student, from your school or elsewhere, signs up to attend! = 1 Point

You can earn points in any combination! For example, you could earn all 5 points by donating $250. Or getting a walmart gift card (1) , joining a planning meeting(1), and calling 15 schools (3)!

Email Athen at jstaff@hobyoregon.org or text 541-571-3624 to update your points, get phone numbers for schools, and tips and tricks on fundraising!

There may or may not be prizes involved ;)
I commit to completing 5 points towards my Give-or-Get Challenge *
Which Position Are You Applying For? *
Why Are You Interested In this Specific Position/ What Brings You to HOBY Oregon? :)
Parent Agreement (Required if under 18)
I commit to completing the parent agreement *
If you are under 18 by the time of the seminar, please have your parent/guardian email Athen at jstaff@hobyoregon.org giving you permission to participate in the HOBY Oregon 2020 seminar.
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