Euripa Covid-19 Survey
Euripa Covid-19 Survey
Dear colleague,
we are now probably at least 9 weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic across Europe. It is clear that there are certain common steps in healthcare prevention and management of the Covid-19 pandemic in most European countries. However, we do not have a good understanding of the what is happening across rural Europe. Your answers to the questions below will help us to understand what is working well and where the challenges are for rural family doctors and their patients across Europe. We can then use this information to raise the profile of ‘rural’ and to influence policy makers. We kindly ask you to fill in the following questionnaire concerning Covid-19 pandemic.Kind Regards and thank you very much in advance
Ferdinando Petrazzuoli,
EURIPA Scientific Board
Oleg Kravtchenko, EURIPA Vice-chair
Donata Kurpas,
EURIPA International Advisory Board
Jane Randall Smith, EURIPA Secretary
Jean-Pierre Jacquet Euripa Chair
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