KWNK Volunteer DJ Application
KWNK is a non-profit radio station that champions music and ideas through community-driven, non-commercial radio in Reno and beyond. KWNK is the only music-oriented community/college radio station on the FM radio in Northern Nevada. As a college and community radio station, KWNK exists in a niche market aimed at broadening
musical tastes and promoting an eclectic variety of sounds to listeners of myriad tastes.

The following application is for the KWNK Broadcast Schedule. You are applying to host a music show on KWNK 97.7FM in Reno, Nevada. Before applying you understand that hosting a radio show is a volunteer position and not every application is accepted. No experience necessary! Depending on the frequency you wish to host a show(weekly, or bi-weekly) you are committing to anywhere from 4 to 8 hours a week of your time.

DJs are required to:

1 . Understand and follow the FCC rules and guidelines. We will teach you all the rules if your application is accepted.

2. Attend occasional DJ/volunteer meetings.

3. Become an active member in the KWNK's community, promote their radio show, and have an understanding that KWNK is only as strong as the effort from its volunteers.

Thank you for applying!
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