Extra-Curricular Activity & Facility Survey
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1. What is your role in the district - current parent/guardian, former parent, non-parent community member? *
2. If you are a parent/guardian, what grade levels are your children?
3. How many years have your children been in the district?
4. As the district is looking to offer new clubs and extracurricular activities that run during the school year, would you be willing to pay a fee for a new extracurricular activity at SBS (for example a STEM club)? *
5. Do you think security at the school is adequate? *
Please tell us why you have concerns about security at SBS:
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6. Do you feel the facility meets your children’s educational & extracurricular needs? *
Please tell us what concerns that you have about the current SBS facility:
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7. In December 2016, SBS launched a failed 4 question referendum to potentially improve and expand the school. If referendum question 1 was put to vote on it’s own, would you support it? (If you are not familiar, the question would have provided for renovations and improvements to the school’s bathrooms, the addition of HVAC and ventilation, a new roof, windows, doors, furnishings as well as bringing SBS up to current electrical and fire safety standards.) *
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8. Do you feel the district’s communication via text, email blast & phone alerts is adequate? *
Please tell us what concerns you have about communication from SBS.
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9. Would you participate in a school community conversation about homework at SBS with students, parents, faculty members, and other constituents from the community? *
10. Are there any other areas you would like to see the district take a look at as we move forward? *
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