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The Climate Justice Household Program through Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light serves people committed to effective and sustained action in response to the climate crisis. Once you've gathered with your household and created a vision statement, you can enter your plan and SMART goals here.

For more context and examples for SMART goals, visit

We look forward to connecting with you about your plan!
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What is the name of your family or household group?
If you are totally successful how will your household embody climate justice 10 years from now?
Please describe the assets (talents, skills, financial resources etc.) that your household brings to the climate justice movement (list them, or write a narrative).
SMART Goals (Think about the three-legged stool approach to building a climate action plan including practical, systemic, and relationship/spiritual goals. Each goal should be SMART, or Specific, Measurable, Activating, Realistic and Time-bound)
What are your household SMART Goals for building relationships that will help you in your journey towards climate justice?
What are your SMART Goals for promoting practical change and lowering carbon emissions?
What are your SMART Goals for promoting systemic or policy change?
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