Applied Mathematics and Informatics In Drug Discovery (2023): The pre-course survey
Dear students,

From Friday, 22.09.2023, on, we will spend a semester together to learn about selected topics in applied mathematics and informatics in drug discovery.

To understand what motivate you to join the AMIDD courses and what topics are you mostly interested in, I would appreciate if you fill out this pre-course survey. Your reply helps me  to shape the lectures.

The AMIDD course series in the fall semester introduce basic concepts and topics of quantitative methods in drug discovery to bachelor and master students. In spring semesters I offer Mathematical and Computational Biology in Drug Discovery (MCBDD), extending and deepening discussions in AMIDD with a special focus on computational biology.

You can find details and logistics about the course on the course's website: In case of questions, please let me know in the comment field or email me at

Thank you for filling the pre-course survey. Stay healthy, and see you soon,

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The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology
Omics technologies
Linear algebra
ODE-based methematical modelling
Probability theory
Mixed-effect/hierarchical models
Machine leraning
What motivates you take the AMIDD course? For instance interest in the topic, recommendation from friends, etc.
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Overview of drug discovery
Biological sequence analysis
Structral modelling of drug-target interactions
Omics data analysis and modelling
PK/PD modelling
Population model
Other aspects of drug discovery (biases, finance, etc.)
What other topics do you wish to learn?
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