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On Saturday, March 13th at 6:00 pm (rain date of Sunday, March 14th at 7:00 pm), my goal is to create a town-wide event where residents will light their luminaria to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the pandemic as a way to remember those who have been affected and to turn this date into something hopeful and uniting in our community. I’m currently speaking with the town to be able to spell out the words, “WOODBRIDGE TOGETHER” with hundreds of luminaria in several public spaces.

Please note that luminaries being sold to benefit the Woodbridge Rotary's COVID Relief Fund consist of a battery-operated light in a bag so there is no risk of fire. This is an initiative of Woodbridge Together, to strengthen our community.
Purchasing Luminarias for Your Business
In additions to any donations you choose to make, we hope that your business/organization partakes in our event. This section of the form will allow you to purchase luminaria for your buisness grounds. You can purchase any amount you want, however we recommend buying enough luminaries to line the grounds near the street. The luminaria can be placed any distance apart, but we do recommend placing each luminary 1-3 feet away from each other. Woodbridge Together offers a free special service to any business that buys luminarias for their business grounds. If you would like, the Woodbridge Together volunteers can set up your luminaria and clean them up on the day of the event. We also invite all businesses to donate and become part of the Woodbridge Together team. You can find more information about this on section 2 of this form.
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You can pay for the Luminaria you bought for your business on our gofundme in addition to any kits you donate. If you are not donating any kits please continue to the next section and click "I am not donating kits" in the sponsorship level area. Make sure to click submit on the next page. You can use this link to the GoFundMe to pay for your luminaria: or you can use the same link on the next page. Again, remember to fill the form out on the next page even if you choose not to donate so we are able to get you your luminaria.
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