Solaris Aisling Demo Testing Survey
Thank you for playing the Solaris Aisling alpha demo! Please answer the questions below to help us make a better game for the future.
How often do you play video games? *
Have you ever played a puzzle-platformer game? If so, which ones?
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Which platform did you use to play the game. *
How long did it took for you to understand the game mechanic? *
How hard was the game? *
Too easy
Too Hard
Did the game get harder at the right pace? *
How frustrated did you got at the game? *
Not frustrated at all.
Too frustrated, I gave up.
If you got frustrated, please tell us why.
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Did you encounter any problems on the game? (Glithes, bugs, design problems, etc) If so, which ones.
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Do you have any kind of suggestions to make the game better? If so which ones.
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How much did you enjoy the game mechanic? *
I hate it
I love it
Overall how much did you enjoy the game? *
I hate it
I love it
Would you like to know more about the game in the future? If so please leave an email to get news for future updates and news.
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