2018 National Cyber Championship
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Please note this is not a final commitment, this is only a decleration of consideration. Donations are routed directly to the Rashi Foundation and may only be used for the Cyber Championship.
We would like to send mentors to the championship *
Mentoring opprotunities include introducing primary schools / junior highs to the championship - requires only a few hours - no prior knowledge required (Skillz Junior) AND / OR metnoring high school students for about 20 mentoring hours - coding knowledge is required (Skillz)
We would like to host a Beta test for Skillz *
Hosting a beta test would help the championship's developers team to test the game before it reaches the kids. The Beta test requiers about 8-10 engineers from your company to play for 3-5 hours.This is a crucial step towards the championship.
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For any questions please contact Yaara Kassner
E: yaara@iati.co.il T: 073-3725335
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