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*GUEST POSTS & TOPIC FOCUS: Anything in these categories or relevant to them:
Writing, Your Author Journey, Books/Influence on your writing, Craft, Mindset, Industry, Tips, How-to's, platforms, being an Author Entrepreneur, apps & tech to help writers, a topic with a release of a new book or short story, and so forth, all writing/author related.

I will contact you with questions to answer for your interview, and anything else we might need. Check with me for available dates.

Interview Option: If you would like to interview one of your characters as a guest post that is also acceptable, but be sure to state that is what you want. (if choose this, optional suggestion--have your character also talk about you the author as a way to get to know you.) .

*Contact me for available date, if applicable. All communication should go via this email: stormdancepublications (at) gmail (dot) com
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