Dorset Team Christmas Fair 2016 - Application Form
Apply to join us at the Dorset Team Christmas Fair in Wimborne on Saturday 3rd December 2016


Successful applicants will be notified by 1st May

**Please note, we are now fully booked for the event but have opened this form as a waiting list. Please fill in the form below and we will be in contact with a stall become available**

Dorset Team Christmas Fair 2016
Date: Saturday 3rd December 2016
Opening times for Public: 10am - 4pm
Location: Wimborne Allendale Centre
Price of table: £25

Table and chairs will be provided. Sizing approximately 6 x 2ft

Not yet an Etsy seller? - Search 'Etsy' in google to find out more and to sign up!

Not part of the Dorset Team yet? Click here to request to join us :

You can find our Facebook event page for the Christmas Fair here:

Selection Process
Due to the popularity of the fair, we book the fair using an application process and unfortunately will not be able to offer a place to everyone who applies.

Stallholders must....:

* Have an active Etsy shop with a minimum of 12 items ready to purchase and for this to be the case at the time of the fair too.

*Be part of the Dorset Team on Etsy and active within the Dorset Team community. Not part of the Dorset Team yet? Click here to request to join us : It is free to join us!
Being active within the Dorset Team community is essential and we will look for stallholders who use the team hashtag (#DorsetTeam) and do actively participate in team activities.

Team activities include...
*Being active within our Dorset Team forum
*Using the Dorset Team hashtag (#DorsetTeam)
*Participating in our #DorsetTeam Twitter Hour
*Promoting the team
*Help other members with their shops
*Making team treasuries


We will also be taking into account the following:

* If your Etsy shop is properly set up and you are intending to run your Etsy shop after the event is over. We will be looking to see that you have items listed, your shop policies filled in, clear photographs and descriptions of your products, a shop banner etc.

* Ensuring that we have a range of different stalls selling different items at different price ranges. We will aim to have a mixture of handmade, vintage and supply stalls.

* Quality of your handmade, vintage or supply goods.

We will take into consideration newer members and give them equal opportunity to sell at the event as those who are more established in the community. Likewise, we will not give preferential treatment to sellers who have sold at previous Dorset Team events so as to give everyone an equal opportunity.

We will have a small panel to help to decide who is selected for the Dorset Team Christmas Fair. Each panelist will give each shop an overall rating on these different factors. This score will then be combined with that of other panelists to create an overall score. Those who score most highly will be selected for the fair. Those who are unfortunately unsuccessful will be placed on the reserve list for stalls and we will contact them in the event of a stall becoming available.

Selection Panel
This year we will be having a selection panel to help decide which stallholders have been successful in applying for the event.

The panel will be made up of several Dorset Team members with a range of different shops, experiences and opinions!

The panel is a group of volunteers, if you would like to volunteer to be on the panel please do get in touch via

Selection Panel:

Rachel - The Dorothy Days - Rachel is the Dorset Team Captain. She runs the Dorset Team as well as helping out with the Dorset Team blog and Facebook page.

Natalie - Studio Pickles - Natalie runs our Dorset Team twitter page as well as helping out with our Dorset Team Instagram and team activities.

Sarah - Ten and Six Craft - Sarah runs the Dorset Team Facebook page and is active within the Dorset Team community

Ruth - Satis House Five - Ruth runs our Dorset Team blog page as well as having her own shop selling handmade jewellery, light boxes and craft supplies

Lynn - Nemeton - Lynn is an experienced Etsy seller who has been selling on the site since 2008! She is also a Dorset Team leader.

Sellers Requirements
Sellers are required to stay at the fair until it is closed to the public at 4pm and not pack up their stall early.

Please make sure your stall does not obstruct or block any of the walk ways or anyone else's stall.

The space is for one 6ft x 2ft table. If you want to bring a rail, clothes dummy, large display stand etc this will need to be instead of your table rather than as well as. If you require more space (i.e a rail and a table) please book two pitches. All other smaller props/ stall displays will need to fit within your stall space.

Please do not bring items to the fair which have copyrighted designs as, unless you have a license, it is illegal to sell these and against Etsy rules even if they are your own handmade items. Copyrighted designs include Hello Kitty, Frozen, Winnie the Pooh, Minions etc. If you have any queries regarding this please feel free to ask in the team for advice.

All items that you bring to the fair need to be compliant with the Etsy site rules and must either be your own handmade products, vintage or crafting supplies.

We do not permit stall shares with non-team members/ people who are not on Etsy. If you do want to stall share with another member there is a section on this application form to request this. Each person will need to complete a separate application form and pay half of the stall fee each.

Public liability insurance is required, if you have any queries regarding this or would like some information/ advice from other members regarding this please see the team forum.

You must be a Dorset Team member and have an active shop with at least 12 items listed to participate at the fair.

Payment is due within 7 days of notification that you have been successful or your table will be reallocated.
Payment is non-refundable

For any further questions please contact the Dorset Team Captain via email or message me on Etsy (The Dorothy Days)

Do you agree to the above terms and conditions/ stallholder requirements?
Stall Allocation
Stalls will be allocated to ensure that similar stalls are not placed together and we have a good balance in each of the rooms. You will find a table plan on the day showing which pitch is yours. We will also have people showing you to your pitch.
Your Details
Your Name
Your answer
Your Etsy Username
Your answer
Your Shop/ Business Name
This might be different or the same as your Etsy username
Your answer
Your Etsy shop web address
Please provide a link to your Etsy shop (please check the link works!)
Your answer
Contact Email Address
Please leave a contact email address so I can send you over the information for booking
Your answer
Are you a Dorset Etsy Team member?
Stallholders must be a member of the Dorset Team and have an active Etsy shop. To join the Dorset Team please visit
Your Shop
What do you sell?
Please provide a short description of the items you sell (Eg: Hand knitted jumpers, handmade necklaces, cupcakes etc)
Your answer
Price range of your items (so we ensure we have a good mixture)
Your answer
How many stalls do you require
Number of tables required
Please select option for stall request below
If you have selected 'stall share' please write the username of the member who you would like to share with. If you have no preference please state that here and we will pair you with another member
Please note it may not be possible for you to share a stall with the member you have requested. If possible and if both your applications are successful you will be allocated a shared stall.
Your answer
Do you require a table?
Tables measuring approximately 6ft x 2ft will be provided along with chairs. Please let me know here if you do not need a table (for example you are having a rail instead) or if you prefer to bring your own table instead
Please give us a rough idea of how you plan to arrange your stall (or link to a photo from a previous event if you have one).
Are you planning on bringing table displays? Are you using props? Is your stall quite flat or do you plan to use height? etc
Your answer
What have you done to promote and participate in the Dorset Team this year?
When selecting stallholders, we will take into account how active you have been in the team this year. We will of course take into consideration new members or members who have had to take time away from the team/ their shops.
Your answer
Social Media
Social Media Pages

We will use our team hashtag #DorsetTeam to advertise the fair.

To make the fair a big success we will need to work together as a team to promote the fair, the team and the sellers selling there. This is best achieved if all participants get involved with promoting. We are also looking to promote sellers as much as possible on the Dorset Team social media accounts so please post your social media links so we can follow you back and repost your posts. Please be sure to help us get the word out about the fair. The more active on social media we are, the more excited the public will get about coming to the fair!

Link to your Twitter Page (if you have one)
Your answer
Link to your Facebook Page (If you have one)
Your answer
Link to your blog (if you have one)
Your answer
Link to your Pinterest account (if you have one)
Your answer
Link to your Instagram account (if you have one)
Your answer
Other social media
Your answer
One of our aims for the fair is that as well as the day of selling on the 3rd December, that stallholders will also gain more exposure leading up to the event and after the event too.

We will be featuring stallholders on our Dorset Team social media and ask that stallholders get involved in promoting the posts so we can spread the word about the fair, the team and the sellers involved as far and wide as possible.

Please fill in the information below about your business.

We may use this on our social media to promote you and the event and also, hopefully pass this on to press, bloggers etc.

Please describe your brand/ shop and your makers story. This may be used by us to promote you to the press/ public.
Some questions to think about....what inspires you, how did you start, where do you hope your brand will go? etc.
Your answer
Do you have a link to a photograph of you, your stall set up or a particularly good photo of your product we could use to help promote? Please provide the links here
Your answer
It is a requirement that all sellers at the fair have their own public liability insurance. Do you agree that if you are successful you either already have appropriate public liability insurance or will purchase it in time for the fair?
Do you agree to being added to the stallholders mailing list?
This will be used to send you all the information about set up times, getting to the venue etc. We will not sign you up to this mailing list if you are not successful with your application and the mailing list will only be used for the purposes of communicating important fair info to stallholders. Legally we have to ask you to agree to be added to the mailing list
Anything else we should know. Please let us know here!
Your answer
Volunteering to help with the fair
We hope that all stallholders will get involved with promoting the fair and spreading the word about the fair. If you are however able to do a little extra please let us know below. The more help we can get the better promoted the fair will be!
Would you be willing to help with the fair in anyway?
If you answered yes to the question above (thank you!) how would you be able to help out?
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