"Mushrooms" - Questions and Analysis
Please answer the following questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES with details from the poem to support your answers. Some of these questions are from the textbook, and others are not!
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1. How does the poet convey a mysterious tone in the poem? What words and phrases does she use? *
2a. What human qualities do the mushrooms have? *
2b. What does this description suggest to you about how the mushrooms grow? *
3a. What demands, if any, do the mushrooms make on their surroundings? *
3b. What can you conclude about the mushrooms' ability to survive? *
4a. How do the mushrooms overcome the obstacles in their way? *
4b. Why will this ability enable the mushrooms to "inherit the earth" (32)? *
5. Describe how mushrooms grow in nature and where you generally find them. Do you think this poem accurately portrays this? Why or why not? *
6. How does the speaker of the poem affect the way the mushrooms are described? How would the poem be different if mushrooms were described from an outsider's perspective? (Be specific - think about word choice, tone, and motives of the mushrooms, for example) *
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