I LOVE Nail Wrap Fundraisers!
I LOVE to help people raise money for causes close to their hearts!

With a Jamberry fundraiser, we sell beautiful nail wraps, lacquers, gels, hand care, and foot care products. Your group, team, club or cause earns 30% of the proceeds! No charges or fees to you! I provide order forms and collection envelopes, and I separate orders before shipping them to you.

We can design custom, one-of-a-kind nail wraps for your cause. Or you can sell from our regular collection of hand care, gels, lacquers, and over 300 nail wrap designs, including the Disney Collection by Jamberry, NBA, NFL and Marvel.

I also give prizes to your top sellers, starting with a scented pencil (Smencil) for two items sold!

Here are a few examples of the causes I can help you raise funds for:

-new baby
-choir/band/dance trip
-sports teams
-animal rescue
-mission trips
-finding a cure for an illness
-wheelchair/medical equipment
-military families
-church groups, VBS
-law enforcement groups
-non-profit organization
-hospital bills
-summer camp
-home improvement project
-scholarship fund
-business start-up
-just about ANY fund-raising cause!

For more info and a free, no-obligation fundraiser sample packet, just give me your info here.

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