Returning Host Farm Application
Applications must be submitted by December 31, 2020

*To create opportunities for students to gain practical knowledge, information, and skills about progressive dairy operations stretching beyond their familiar past dairy experiences
*To provide an internship position that is financially lucrative and competitive with industry standards
*To allow for existing dairy producers to share their passion for the future of the dairy industry with the next generation

Farms must be:
*A progressive, well-managed, dairy business with a positive outlook on the industry
*Willing to expose the intern to all aspects of a successful, progressive dairy operation including financial information and management team meetings with adequate training and consultation in order to achieve learning objectives
*Willing to provide information concerning organizational policies and procedures
*Able to pay the intern a standard employee wage in adherence with all federal and state employment requirements
- Requested time-off, hours of work, and additional details of the internship will be determined in collaboration with the farm and intern
*Able to provide a safe working environment and conduct a safety and animal care overview upon the start of the internship

Farms are expected to:
*Hold an in-person interview at farm location with a prospective intern
- Determine goals, area of focus, and project for the internship
*Participate in a pre-internship informational session
*Participate in 1 on 1 call with On-Farm Internship Committee Coordinator
*Participate in a 30-day and final review with the intern and provide written review feedback
*Allow interns to participate in:
- Bi-weekly discussions through the discussion board and one-on-one calls with On-Farm Internship Committee Coordinator and Mentor
- Industry events such as PDMP Issues Forum, Open Houses, etc.
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