Application for BiCon 2013 Equality Fund
If you have any access or other difficulties which make completing this form difficult please email for assistance.

We aim to respond to any emails and acknowledge applications within 7 days.

About the Equality Fund
The Equality Fund exists to make BiCon more possible for people who are experiencing a financial, accessibility or equality hardship.

BiCon has a long history of making equality and access a priority within the limits of our volunteer and non-profit organisational structures. The Equality Fund is provided through community donations and the surplus of previous BiCon events.

The Equality Fund expect everyone to contribute at least a small amount towards attending BiCon which depending on circumstances may be around £5 (or £1 for day attenders). The main exception to this is if the Equality Fund is covering the attendance cost of a full-time PA/Carer or other support worker for another attender.

The Equality Fund can only pay towards attender's direct BiCon-event costs. This means we are unable to pay for travel expenses but will take your travel expenses into account when working out how much we can offer you.

Privacy and Confidentiality
We are aware we are asking for some very personal and sensitive information in order to handle your Equality Fund application. We will restrict access to identifying information to two people on the Equality Fund team.

Only the final agreed amount of money you are allocated from the Equality Fund will be given to the BiCon 2013 team. If you provide us with other information which may be helpful to the BiCon 2013 team we will not pass it onto them without your express permission.

We will store your name and category for Equality Fund support as having received Equality Fund for BiCon 2013, this is to enable us to identify if support needed is ongoing year by year, or only needed occasionally.

If you have any further questions about your personal information please email us on

Personal Details
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Your BiCon Booking Details
Questions in this section are about the type of room and booking rate that you chosen for BiCon.
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This is how much you think you can afford towards your BiCon 2013
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Equality Fund Reasons
We don't need extensive detail about your personal circumstances but it is helpful to us to know loose reasons for your application.
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