Thank you for your interest in BIDEM 2021 Caribbean Diaspora Entrepreneurs' Conference and Trade Show. “Masterclass and capacity building” workshops will be held during the 6-1 days prior to the Conference and Trade Show, however, the review session, certificates and recognition will be given during and at the Conference.

Dates for Masterclasses: Thursday, October 7, 2021 to Tuesday, October 12, 2021 with final review and certificates delivered between Wednesday, October 13, 2021 and Friday, October 15, 2021.

Session Timing
• 3-20 hour pre-conference masterclasses with final review and summary session during the conference.

Conference breakout sessions:
• 75 minute breakout session presenters in conference.

This edition of the Conference and Trade Show is expected to address customer and quality service for inspiring trust as well as the continued challenges, opportunities and emergent opportunities and challenges that have resulted from the COVID 19 Pandemic. This year is also a crucial year in accelerating progress for delivering the Sustainable Development Goals as such we expect presentations to address those challenges. Where applicable and appropriate papers should address evaluation of, perspectives or frameworks for evaluating or planning with evaluation in mind for the subject matter addressed. This might not be possible for all sessions and we understand that.

Predominantly entrepreneurs of Caribbean and African descent at home and in the diaspora. However, attendees will include mainstream entrepreneurs, consultants, researchers and decision-makers, business support, trade and entrepreneur support sectors as well as decision-makers at the policy level. We ask that you consider all. Canada, The UK, The Netherlands, The USA, rest of Europe, Africa, The Mediterranean, Asia, Pacific and the Caribbean are the areas from which delegates will come. North America, UK, Caribbean & Latin America, and Europe are expected to be most represented at the event.

Unlike many entrepreneurs' conferences and trade shows BIDEM aims to ensure there is adequate opportunities for entrepreneurs and consultants in the professional and technical service sectors to build their capacity and improve their service offer as much as it will for entrepreneurs in other sectors.

Submission Period and Deadlines:
(Please mark your calendars)

Submit Your Request for The Speaker’s Proposal Guide today!
Proposal deadline: July 26, 2021 | Extended: Friday, July 30, 2021

Proposal review period: July to August 20, 2021.
During this period the committee with contact proponents for clarification, request for additional information or with recommendations for adjustments.

Notice of submission outcomes:
August 25th to mid-September

Proponents will receive the outcomes of their submissions during that period.

Note: You will be asked to upload a copy of your proposal to this form as well as components of it directly to the form.


Please know that, compensation will not be offered for masterclasses or other sessions. This event is the major output of The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs.

While Magate Wildhorse Consulting is a joint convenor of the event, The CoP is operated on volunteer talent. It aims to foster a do-it-ourselves approach to capacity building and creating opportunities for partner and member organizations. It also aims to bring industry, academia and policy makers together for solving tough problems related to Caribbean immigrant entrepreneurship, international trade, sustainable cities, decent work and economic growth, climate action, migration, poverty, reducing inequalities and gender equality among other. For this and the following edition, COVID 19 economic recovery is a key consideration. In keeping with the principles and objectives of The CoP (which includes self-determination) compensation will not be offered for breakout sessions as well as for some masterclasses. The Committee have requested special masterclasses for compensation and will consider some proposed through this process.

Breakout sessions presents tremendous opportunities for practitioners and experts to demonstrate their thought leadership as well as to create the change they want to see for their businesses and communities while increasing their brand recognition and potential client base. Proponents of Caribbean, African descendent, other visible majority ethnic groups and mainstream entrepreneur (visibile majority) are invited to submit their proposal. This event supports inclusiveness.

This year The SBCCI and Tropicana Community Centre are major sponsors of BIDEM.

Conference and Trade Show Theme:
““Inspiring Trust, Deepening The Roots”
The theme explores increasing trust and deepening the roots of connection for Profit and Purpose.

1. Consulting, Non-profit business leaders, Technical and Professional Service Providers and
2. High Value Manufacturing, Retail, Tech, Agriculture, Creative Industries, Education, Intellectual Property Other
3. Family Business, Community Finance, Ethnic Media, Purpose and Profit, Governance and Performance for non-profit businesses
4. Risk, Resilience, Disaster, Wealth Creation and Protection, Investment, Economic Development, Trade, Poverty Reduction, SDGs, Sustainable Cities, Migration & Diaspora, Trade Policy, Climate Change, COVID 19, Crisis, Economic Recovery, Food Security, Plant-based and Diaspora Direct Investment, Value and Supply Chains, Economic Development Clusters etc. ; Customer Satisfaction, Quality Service and Trust
5. Bridging diaspora markets, governace, networks, collaborative service delivery, Inspiring Trust, Business Valuation and Collaboration, Incusive Business and Procurement Opportunities, Opportunities in the Climate Finance, Health, Traditional Knowledge and Climate Change, International Development, Local and International Supply Chains, Demand Forecasting, new Trade Agreements, Geographical and Culture-based opportunities, SDGs 16, national images, crime and diaspora business opportunities; opportunities for diaspora entrepreneurs to be plugged into economic development clusters in Canada, USA, UK, rest of Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, and Ownership models
6. Disability, Mental Health and Entrepreneurship

Conference Topics and Thematic Pillars:

• International Trade, business valuations and networks for driving sales and growth in Caribbean diasporic markets, local and Caribbean Markets
• Research, data―Increasing Caribbean diaspora market intelligence
• Ethnic media and business growth [Including new business and revenue models]
Family Business, family support and business growth; humane entrepreneurship, as well as increase in likelihood of Caribbean Immigrant to start and grow successful businesses [There are issues related to family support for spouses, children and the elderly in business]
• Scaling up Caribbean service sector businesses, alternate business and revenue models, business valuation
• New opportunities in traditional knowledge & Intellectual Property
• Agri-business, Food security & Plant-based Opportunities
• Digital Process Transformation/ Digital Economy Opportunities, FinTech &
Artificial Intelligence
• Community and Climate financing of Caribbean Businesses [Response and opportunities]
• Buyer connections and partnerships ― Chambers of Commerce, Universities, Hospitals, Clusters & Businesses
• COVID 19 and Beyond Risk Intelligence, Resilience and Growth
• Designing and Evaluating Entrepreneur and Market Development Programmes
• A Path to High Growth Entrepreneurship for Immigrant Women of Colour
[Doing it with very little or zero budget]
• Impact of Host and Home Country Policies on Caribbean Diaspora Entrepreneurship
[For home and host country Governments]
• Value Chain Resilience in an era of COVID 19, other pandemics and the climate crisis
[Should be sector specific or address two to three sectors maximium]
• Evidence, Organizational assessment, impact, models for making money
[Diaspora non-profit organizations]
• Making entrepreneurship work for the disabled
• Growing digitally connected communities and networks [Mapping, Governance, Collaboration, Structures,
Planning, community business and innovation research]
• Sustainable Fragrance Industry [Fragrance business development, Fragrance Market Development]
• Creative Industries [ design, business development, Market Development, retail networks, economic development clusters]
• High Value Manufacturing Opportunities for Caribbean Businesses [Industries and opportunities for growing home and diaspora contribution to the Global Value Chain, Cases & Global Connections OECD, ASIA, Latin America, Mediterranean, Other ]

Submission Guide:
• Must Be in English.
• Must be entirely original, not previously published or delivered at another event,
and must not be under current consideration or scheduled for presentation elsewhere.

Tell a friend, let’s gather in the thousands or hundreds of thousands!

25% of places reserved for entrepreneurs from mainstream majority groups [Entrepreneurs with no Caribbean roots, Africans in Africa, all ethnicities, speaks and understand English]

This form is being administered by Magate Wildhorse Consulting (Toronto & New York); submissions will be reviewed by the BIDEM Programme Committee

The information collected will be held in strictest of confidences and is governed by Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans – TCPS 2 (2018)

Your information will not be shared or sold to third parties.

Brought to you by The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Magate Wildhorse Consulting, and sponsoring partners (To be announced).

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