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Is this being installed in a DIY Camper or an OEM RV? *
DIY Camper is defined as a 'made from scratch' kind of build. OEM RV is defined as a camper you purchased where all or the majority of the electrical components are already in place.
If this is an OEM RV; is this a 30A or 50A shore power serviced RV? *
What Size of Battery Bank do you want? *
What wattage of solar panels would you like to use? *
This is the individual solar panel wattage, not the total solar array.
How many solar panels would you like to use? *
How many watts of Inverter power would you like? *
Would you like to charge from your Alternator? *
What else would you like for me to know about your project?
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In full transparency:
I do not guarantee that your wiring diagram will actually be created nor do I give any kind of estimated timeline on when a particular diagram will be finished. If you email me and ask me when your diagram will be finished, I will not respond, even if you attempt to pay me for it to be completed faster. :)
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