FREEdom TAILS Ohio Foster Application
**Thank you for your interest in Fostering with FREEdom TAILS Ohio. All foster applications will be reviewed by our foster coordinator and you will be contacted if we can match you with an approved foster. We do our best to match up all fosters with the best homes for them.**
First & Last Name: *
Home Address (Include City, State, & Zip code): *
We have fosters based in 3 main areas of Ohio based on where our vets are located: Columbus, Canton, and Bryan. Do you live near any of these cities? *
Date of Birth: *
Contact Number: *
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E-mail: *
Do you OWN or RENT *
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Personal Reference #1: Please list Name & Phone Number
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Please list the ages of ALL other adults AND children in the home: *
How many animals live in your home: *
Are all animals spayed/neutered? *
If NO, please explain:
Are your pets up to date on their vaccines and monthly preventatives? *
Who is your current Veterinarian: *
Veterinarian's Phone Number: *
Does anyone in the home suffer from allergies? *
Are you interested in fostering cats or dogs? *
What size dogs would you be interested in fostering? (Check all that apply)
Do you prefer to foster (check all that apply)
Hours per day that foster(s) will be left alone: *
We generally use Facebook for communication and support through our private group page. Is this a timely and suitable form of contact for you? *
FREEdom TAILS Ohio retains full legal ownership of the animals in foster care and holds the final authority over all the decisions concerning the medical treatment, placement, and adoption. *
FREEdom TAILS Ohio will provide a crate, food and other supplies as necessary in order to care for the animal. The foster family agrees to provide a healthy and clean, and sanitary situation for the animals. *
FREEdom TAILS Ohio will provide vaccinations, medications, and vet care. FREEdom TAILS Ohio will be responsible for all veterinary costs while the animals are in foster care. The foster family must notify FREEdom TAILS Ohio and get approval from FREEdom TAILS Ohio before taking the animal to the vet. *
FREEdom TAILS Ohio reserves the right to take possession of any animal in foster care at any time. If a foster family is no longer able to care for the animal, you must notify FREEdom TAILS Ohio immediately and return the animal to FREEdom TAILS Ohio. *
I agree to return all FREEdom TAILS Ohio property back to FREEdom TAILS Ohio when I finish fostering. *
Thank you for applying to become a FREEdom Tails Ohio Foster!
By submitting this application,I affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.I understand that if I am accepted as a foster,that I am not the rightful owner of the dog and any medical decisions/rehoming decisions will be made by FREEdom Tails.I understand that any false statements, omissions, or other misrepresentations made by me on this application may result in an immediate termination of the foster contract and the dog to be returned. FREEdom Tails shall be held harmless from and against any and all claims and damages of every kind, for injury to any person or persons and for damage to or loss of property, arising out of or attributed to, directly or indirectly, the operations or performance of the above named volunteer (foster) under this agreement,including claims and damages arising in whole or part from the negligence of FREEdom Tails.I agree to notify FREEdom Tails of any injuries such as illness, escapes, or any concerns pertaining to my foster(s) as soon as possible. After fostering, I will return any items to FREEdom Tails.
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