School Handbook and Technology Responsible Use Policy Receipt
Each year, parents and students must acknowledge the receipt and review of the Grass Lake School Handbook and Technology Responsible Use Policy (RUP). The Technology RUP is part of the GLS School Handbook. The GLS School Handbook can be accessed on the GLS website under Parent Resources. Please acknowledge that you and your student were able to access and review this document by filling out this form. This form MUST be filled out for each individual student.
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My student has reviewed the 2020-2021 Grass Lake School Parent/Faculty/Student Handbook which includes the Technology Responsible Use Policy (RUP). *
I acknowlege that I have read, understand, and agree to the Grass Lake School Technology Responsible Use Policy (RUP). *
I acknowlege that access to the District Technological Resources are provided as a privilege by the District and that inappropriate use may result in my student's privileges being revoked *
I acknowledge that I have no expectation of privacy in my student's use of the District Technological Resources and that the District has the right to, and will, monitor use of the system. *
I acknowledge that access to District Technological Resources is designed for educational purposes and the District has taken precautions to eliminate controversial material. *
In consideration for using the District Technological Resources, and having access to public networks, I hereby release Grass Lake School District and its Board members from any claims and damages arising from my student's use of the Internet. *
I have read and agree to the District Damage and Loss policy for District issued devices. *
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