Drunk in Love: Poetry & Story Slam - Performer Sign-Up
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Performer call is for 7:30pm on Tuesday, February 25th - Doors open at 20:00/ show starts around 20:30
All performances should be in English.
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All performers should do original pieces, no covers :)
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Keep in mind there is a 5 minute limit per performance
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If not, please don't sign up
I understand that I should memorize my piece and should NOT BE READING OFF A PAGE/SCREEN for my performance. *
Absolutely no phones/tablets/screen readings. If you do decide to read off of a sheet - you are NOT ELIGIBLE TO MAKE IT TO THE GRAND SLAM WITH YOUR SCORE. We warned you - so break down the barrier and take away the page!
Confirm that your piece somehow fits the theme of the month "Drunk in Love" *
Get creative - we want to hear about the good stuff!
Name of your piece
It's OK if you don't know yet.
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Please be specific (Facebook group name, friend's name)
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Have you performed at a previous slam? If so, which one?
This doesn't discount you from performing, just helps us keep record :)
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When you submit you are confirming that you'll be there, ready to perform with a **memorized** piece. LOCATION is The Spot Hostel - Namal Tel Aviv
Seriously - it sucks when people sign up and then change their mind. Don't be lame! If you sign up to perform and cancel two times you will not be allowed to perform for the rest of the season.
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